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Overwhelmed by Caregiving? Reimagine How We Care for Others and Ourselves with Innerhive

Are you a family caregiver? Do you tirelessly advocate for and tend to a parent, spouse, or loved one? You are not alone. Innerhive is here to help end caregiver burnout!
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Meaningful Memory Maker on Dementia Map

The Perfect Spot to Learn: Brain Builders – A Cognitive Wellness Program

Learn about the Brain Builders Cognitive Wellness Program and start exercising your brain in a healthy manner.
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How to Connect the Dots: Simplifying Incontinence Care for Loved Ones

Suzi Fox of SENI shares how we can simplify our loved ones' incontinence care by choosing value over cost. Better product = better outcomes.
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Body Mind on Dementia Map

What Is Social Prescribing and Its Impacts on Health?

Learn more about Social Prescribing as a way for clinicians to use local resources to deliver holistic dementia care.
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Caregiving Can Kill You!

Learn about the stress and resulting health issues that can be associated with caregiving. Plus, you'll find some excellent ways to cope.
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Culturally Sensitive Care

As society becomes more diverse, it is crucial to recognize and address the unique needs of different cultural groups regarding healthcare.
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Bridgetown Music Therapy on Dementia Map

A Practical Guide to the Therapeutic Power of Music in Dementia Caregiving

Music has a remarkable ability to connect on a deep emotional level. Learn how it can be more than just entertainment. It can be therapeutic!
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Always Home Connected on Dementia Map

Innovative New Technologies in Dementia Care

Learn about Validation Therapy, Virtual Reality, reminiscence activities, and purposefully designed toys to support improved dementia care.
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songs and smiles

Ambiguous Loss and Dementia

Learn about Ambiguous Loss and how you can cope with a loved one living with Alzheimer's. You can take "steps toward joy!"
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