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Jet Companion on Dementia Map

Going Home, For The Last Time

Considering repatriating a loved one to their home country? Rudy de Kort, a flight paramedic, registered nurse, and the founder of Jet Companion, a medical travel companion service, shares his advice about how to approach that challenge.
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Joe and Bella on Dementia Map

5 Learnings: Moving My Parents into Assisted Living

The co-founder of adaptive clothing provider Joe and Bella, shares his personal experience about moving a loved one into a senior-living community. At the very least, his perspectives will assure you that you're not in it alone and there are plenty of positives that can result.
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Dr Anne Kenny on Dementia Map

Seeing Through New Eyes: Addressing Dementia Stigma

Stigma affects a number of things when considering dementia, including the person’s willingness to seek diagnosis, to seek support once diagnosed, and a lack of willingness to participate in research. Dr. Anne Kenny, MD asks, "Can we challenge our own prejudice?"
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Mirador Magazine on Dementia Map

The Mirador Magazine Story

Learn about Mirador Magazine, a leisure-oriented, age-appropriate online and print publication for people experiencing cognitive change.
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Request New Password

The Dementia Map system automatically generates a very secure password when you register. Learn how easy it is to request a new one!
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Meditative Movements Dementia Map

Recognizing and Celebrating Healthy, Vibrant Elders

Ellie Peterson of Meditative Movements recaps her experience as a speaker presenting at "Easy Self Care for Continuum of Care Staff and Caregivers.”
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Take Care: A Film for Caregivers

Take Care, a drama short film, sheds light on a loved one with Alzheimer’s. It has themes of love, hardship, identity, loss & familial bonds.
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Memory Lane TV on Dementia Map 450x250

Optimize Video Use in Alzheimer’s Land

Use these 5 simple questions from Memory Lane TV, to use videos in an efficient way when caring for a loved one with dementia.
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GrandPad on Dementia Map

GrandPad: Stay Connected and Engaged 

The best gift you can give your mom or grandma is more time with her loved ones. When being together simply isn’t possible, tools like the GrandPad help those with memory loss stay connected with their family and friends on Mother’s Day and every day.
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