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Mackenzie Meets Alzheimers Dementia Map

Stuck in the Middle Again

Caregivers are often stuck in the middle between providing care for loved ones with dementia, and their children. Here's some tips to help.
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Best Printable Activities For People with Dementia

Dementia is challenging - for everyone. How can you occupy your loved one's time in a positive manner? One great way to engage them is with fun activities like artwork and games. Use free printable activities for dementia patients for easy entertainment and cognitive challenges.
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Joe and Bella on Dementia Map

Tips to Help Those With Dementia Get Dressed

Dressing an adult with dementia can be challenging for them and for caregiver. Here's some tips to help you get it done with minimal stress.
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Can You Divorce a Spouse Diagnosed With Dementia?

Do spouses divorce their partner diagnosed with dementia? Divorce is difficult to navigate under any circumstances - event with a healthy spouse. It’s even more challenging when your spouse has Alzheimer's disease or another dementia diagnosis.
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Maude's Awards on Dementia Map

2023 Maude’s Awards Applications Due

Time is running out to submit your application for the 2023 Maude's Awards. Learn more about what they do and how they might help you!
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Will Medicare or Medicaid Cover Respite Care?

Learn what is one of the most needed services for dementia care. Respite care is critical for caregiver health. However, services can be costly. Learn more about ways to get help with costs.
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TZMO Seni USA on Dementia Map

Caught by Surprise

Did you know incontinence can affect any age group, not just older adults? Learn about a valuable common thread through three random stories.
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What Is Respite Care and How to Find Local Services

The power, purpose, and benefits of respite care. You want peace and dignity for your loved one, but occasional short-term breaks are welcomed. Learn about Respite Care and how to find it.
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Memory Keepers on Dementia Map

Promote Better Cognition and Independence

Learn more about supporting individuals with dementia and how you can promote better cognition and independence.
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