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Are you a professional who shares valuable dementia caregiving information with your clientele? Does your blog share tips and tricks for dementia caregivers? Is your website a source of advice and guidance for the dementia community?

Share Dementia Map with your Community!

Dementia Map Flyers

Single Sheet: Front/Back Single Sheet: Front with QR Code
This introductory flyer is a great way to share Dementia Map with your family, friends, and medical team. Simply save it, forward it via email, or print on 2 sides for a simple flyer. This flyer is a single sheet, one sided quick summary of what Dementia Map offers. This makes for a easy handout when sharing an important resource is needed.

Dementia Map Welcome Flyer
Dementia Map Flyer (PDF)

Dementia Map Flyer QR Code (PDF)

Dementia Map Badges

We’ve made it easy for you to share Dementia Map with your followers, with two different badges to place on your website!

Simply right click on either of the images below to save it to your computer. Then, place it on your website where you would like it to display. You can even place it in your newsletter or other promotional material.

Tip! While you’re welcome to link the logo to our Dementia Map home page ( you might want to link it to your Dementia Map profile! Have your visitors learn more about your Dementia Map involvement right from your Dementia Map profile!

Dementia Map Logo

The Dementia Map logo is a great way to share with your followers that you a a member of the Dementia Map community. Add some descriptive text next to it, and encourage your visitors to click through.

Dementia Map Global Resource Directory


Dementia Map “4 Box”

What we call our “4 Box” provides more information about what’s contained in the Dementia Map Global Resource Directory. It showcases the four major sections:

  • Resource Directory
  • Upcoming Events Calendar
  • Glossary
  • Blog


Thank you for supporting Dementia Map – and your dementia communities! The more who know, the more who can benefit.


Get in touch. We’re happy to help in any way we can!

Share Dementia Map with Family and Friends!