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Dementia Map© Reinvents Access to Dementia Resources [PRESS RELEASE]

Two industry voices take a fresh approach in bringing critical dementia resources to those diagnosed, their families, and professionals who care and serve them.

Dementia Map Global Resource DirectoryNovember 10, 2020

Contact: Dave Wiederrich

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Lori La Bey of and Dave Wiederrich of have created, the first Global Resource Directory and event calendar for families and professionals. The two have taken a simple approach to the often difficult and frustrating process of finding dementia resources, with this free-to-use guide.

Dementia Map Global Resource Directory

There is a common obstacle faced by those diagnosed with a form of dementia, their family caregivers, and professionals seeking information about dementia resources. Many websites require a visitor to provide contact information prior to releasing resource details, which is often viewed by the consumer as uncomfortable and intimidating. Frequently, this is to provide referral fees to a “middleman” organization.

“Dementia Map has been a dream of mine for 36 years,” Lori La Bey notes. That’s when her 30 year journey with her mother’s dementia started. She was totally shocked, frustrated and disturbed by the lack of resources available to those in need. “Even today, most medical professionals can’t guide their patients to where they can find help.  It’s not their fault. Nothing like this existed prior to Dementia Map,” she adds.

“We created to help families and those seeking resources, a direct connection to products and services providers. We wanted to do that in a non-threatening fashion,” says Dave Wiederrich. “By creating a simple, direct, and friendly website, both families and professionals can utilize one tool to expand their knowledge base and options for care which are so badly needed. We have gone to great lengths to be clear and concise, knowing those that care have extremely limited time to search for resources.”

Dementia Map Events Calendar

Another key element of the Dementia Map strategy is their comprehensive Events Calendar. An event is a valuable way for individuals living with dementia and those who provide care, to gain important information. By consolidating both in-person and virtual events into one global calendar, even more resources are made available.

Professionals and other event coordinators benefit as well. By having visibility to other events already planned, schedules can be strategically designed to avoid overlap and conflict. This can help increase attendance at in-person events, but also the growing base of online meetings.

The Dementia Map benefits extend to the broader healthcare industry as well. Free and economical plans are critical to level the playing field between large and small services.  Families deserve all options so they can make the best possible choice for their loved one in an industry being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. This enables brands large and small alike to more easily reach their target markets. is free for visitors to search for resources. It offers three ways for companies and professionals to become members of the site. A Starter Plan allows anyone to get the exposure they need and deserve at no cost. The Pro and Featured Plans are paid options with increasingly more promotional features and greater brand visibility throughout the site.

Dementia Map is a joint effort between Lori La Bey of Alzheimer’s Speaks, and Dave Wiederrich of Memory Cafe Directory. Dementia Map is wholly owned by JADCOM Media LLC, an online media publishing company based in Portland, Oregon.

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