Overwhelmed by Caregiving? Reimagine How We Care for Others and Ourselves with Innerhive

Submitted by Crystal Gallo

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans are family caregivers? More than 53 million individuals are taking on family caregiving, and caregiver demand is on the rise.

As many in our community can attest, caregiving for a loved one can be a full-time job, and for some it is their second one! 61% of caregivers are juggling work in addition to caregiving responsibilities, and the demands of caregiving are taking their toll.

The impact on caregivers is profound. Nearly a quarter of caregivers find it difficult to take care of their own health, and the same percentage report that caregiving has made their emotional, physical, and/ mental health significantly worse. The decline in caregiver wellness is alarming, and caregivers everywhere need our help.

Discover Innerhive, the trusted caregiving partner that supports caregivers and those they care for throughout their wellness journey! Built to combat caregiver burnout, the Innerhive app equips caregivers with tools, resources, and community so that they can dedicate more time to their true wellness goals.

From daily care routines, to advance care planning, Innerhive makes it easy to organize all aspects of care, while saving valuable time and energy. Keep track of key contact info, store critical care documents and notes, manage appointment calendars, find the resources you need, connect with others, be a part of a bigger care community, and share with those you trust to lighten the caregiving load. With everything in one place, and access to an ever-growing resource center, Innerhive helps you focus on what matters most; wellness.

Healthy caregiving starts with healthy caregivers. Join the revolution to end caregiver burnout- join Innerhive today!

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Crystal Gallo

Innerhive is a free app to quickly visualize a comprehensive map of your support network. Easily update notes, add contact details, identify gaps in care, and track changes over time.

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