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Dementia Map© is a FREE GUIDE to the resources needed by those diagnosed with a form of dementia, family members, and professionals providing care or services.

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Dementia Map Resource Directory Dementia Map Events Calendar

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Dementia Map Resource Directory
Resource Directory

Resource Directory

For Those Diagnosed and Those Providing Care:

Dementia Map offers FREE ACCESS to information about education, products, services, and more. Other tools include events, activities, books and digital media, housing and supportive services.

You can even find a speaker for your next event!

Dementia Map provides you with the most valuable and comprehensive collection of dementia resources around the world – and in your own backyard. Check back often as our website changes frequently with new information.

Dementia Map Events Calendar
Events Calendar

Events Calendar

For Families and Professionals:

Dementia Map is not just your primary source for valuable dementia information, but our Events Calendar is here to revolutionize how individuals and organizations connect to their target markets – without breaking their budgets!

Many people have expressed having difficulties finding events as well as planners trying to avoid conflicts with upcoming events. Dementia Map now makes the process simple and efficient for both sides by increasing connections and reducing event host expenses.

Learn how easy it is to list or find a live or virtual event in your backyard – or on the other side of the world. This includes conferences, webinars / tele-seminars, activities, support groups, and so much more!

Please keep in mind that due to COVID-19 restrictions, many events that have traditionally been “in-person” are now virtual to accommodate safe and convenient participation.



For Those Diagnosed and Those Providing Care:

Information is a critical resource. Dementia Map’s Glossary contains short, simple descriptions of many important terms to assist you during your dementia caregiving journey.

Our goal is to enable you to make solid caregiving decisions, based on having access to as much information and understanding as is possible.

We are continually adding to the Dementia Map Dementia Glossary. If there is a specific topic of interest we have not yet covered it, please let us know. It would be our pleasure to research the subject and provide you with straightforward information.

Dementia Map Blog


For Families and Professionals:

The Dementia Map Blog was specifically developed to enrich and empower those diagnosed with dementia, as well as those who care and serve them. We firmly believe information is power and we want to expand societal knowledge in an easy and accessible format.

When you visit the Blog, you can use the easy selection filter to display only those topics of interest to you. If you prefer, you can browse through all the topics.

There is no limit to the ways in which this disease needs to be attacked. Information is one critical strategy. Whether you are searching for valuable dementia resources or would like to share your own experiences to help others, contact us to be a Guest Author. Be a part of a treasure trove of in-depth articles, stories, book and product reviews – and much, much more!

What Others Are Saying

Becoming a Member of Dementia Map has been great for Mirador’s visibility. I really appreciate the extra marketing pushes from the online ads and social media shout-outs. I’ve had new subscribers tell me, “I saw you on Dementia Map” and “I heard of you through Lori La Bey.” As a start-up with limited marketing dollars, this has been money well spent!”

Nikki Jardin, Co-Founder, Mirador Magazine


We have many new people reach out to us and register for events through the Dementia Map Events Calendar. This is such a wonderful tool you are offering!

Lisa Blackburn, Positive Approach to Care.


I received an email yesterday, requesting a presentation for a memory care unit. I couldn’t figure out how they found me, but I went back and looked at the email and at the bottom I saw: “Sent via website directory.” Woo hoo!!!

Trish Laub. Author, Consultant, Speaker.


Thank you for managing such a great resource on dementia. I am sure it really helps families face it way more prepared.

Mindaugas Galvosas, Aichom CEO


Get in touch! If you are looking for something specific and we don’t have it – we’ll do our best to find it for you. If it’s valuable information for you, it is no doubt valuable to many.

Please help us help you!


Dementia Map Global Resource Directory


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