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Dementia Map© is your primary source of information about your dementia care journey. Here, you’ll find valuable resources, an upcoming events calendar, a glossary with straightforward definitions of important dementia terms, and a blog with news and information on a variety of topics to help you along your way.

See the Dementia Map Flyer to the right. This is a quick introduction to Dementia Map you are welcome to share with family, friends, and your medical team. Introduce Dementia Map to anyone who could benefit from a rich collection of dementia resources.

What is Dementia Map?

Dementia Map© Global Resource Directory is where dementia caregivers (families and professionals) turn for valuable resources. It is a unique tool in today’s dementia community and is dedicated to connecting those who care for individuals living with dementia and those diagnosed, with the many valuable and critically helpful resources needed by countless families around the world.

What Dementia Map Isn’t

Dementia Map IS NOT a “Referral Engine” so often found when searching for resources. Those resources might range from housing to homecare to products and other services. Dementia Map IS a simple tool allowing visitors direct access to the companies and other professionals dedicated to supporting the dementia community.

Referral Engine?

That’s what Dementia Map calls the process of sacrificing one’s contact information in exchange for access to valuable information. Here’s how that often plays out:

  • Dementia family member visits a “resource” website looking for possible housing options.
  • After finding some options nearby, a popup window appears requiring name, phone, email, and any number of other forms of identification.
  • Once that contact information is provided, the housing details may or may not appear, but the relentless pressure begins.
  • Agents begin contacting the family caregiver trying to direct them to a specific property and earn a very sizable commission.
  • The targeted property may or may not be the right fit, but it does allow for a great agent commission!

Dementia Map Does None of That

We’ve designed a simple and DIRECT way for family caregivers to find resources nearby, learn more about what is offered, and then click through or call the provider directly using the contact information provided TO YOU!

No contact information is requested. No pressure exerted. All we do is provide direct connection to valuable resources.

What We Actually Do

Dementia Map offers companies and professionals who provide products and services to the dementia community a simple way to be visible to those seeking support. We offer one free, and two paid plans for them to be a part of Dementia Map family. They pay a fee to be a part of this online community and share their resources with you directly.

What Dementia Map does is provide a simple, straightforward platform for both parties to use. Period.

How We Do It

Dementia Map offers the perfect balance of resources to help you in your caregiving journey:

  • Resource Directory: Listings for products, services, and professionals.
  • Events Calendar: Upcoming conferences, seminars, Continuing Education Unit (CEU) training, and more.
  • Glossary: Short, simple descriptions of many important dementia terms.
  • Blog: Regular updates with news, announcements, and other information.

There really is something for everyone!

Learn More About the Founders

You can learn more about the individual backgrounds of the Dementia Map f0unders and what that them to this calling. This is an exciting platform and will quickly become your most valuable resource!

Thank You

Dementia Map appreciates your trust to help you find resources. On the other side, the companies and professionals who publish their listings on Dementia Map are some of the best “in the business.”

Dementia Map’s ongoing pledge is to always strive to make the process of discovering valuable care information as simple and straightforward as possible. Connecting you to the resources you need is the primary mission.

The very best to everyone!

Lori La Bey, Alzheimer’s Speaks


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