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Ad Specifications

Featured Plan and Pro Plan members enjoy the benefits of increased visibility to Dementia Map© visitors. “Featured Resource” ad blocks appear on the site’s Header, Sidebar, and Footer and appear on every page. They also appear at the end of each lettered section on the Glossary. Your advertisement will display along with other Featured and Pro Plan members. Your selected plan will determine placement.

A different ad is displayed with each new visit or page refresh. A displayed ad is served up randomly, so your ad may display multiple times in a short period of time, then not display for a while. However, all ads are weighted equally and over time, are displayed an equal number of times.

Pro Plan Members:

One image – 450 x 250 pixels

Pro Plan members enjoy visibility on the sidebar. With the Featured Resource area shown near the top and also past mid-page, it provides excellent visibility as visitors begin to consume the published information.

Featured Plan Members

Two images: 728 x 90 AND 450 x 250 pixels

With maximum visibility, Featured Plan members have their advertising images displayed in all four locations: Header, both Sidebar locations, and the Footer. By adding the Header and Footer to the Sidebar visibility, attention is captured at the beginning, middle, and end of the visitor’s experience.

In addition, the header ad images for Featured Plan members appear at the end of each lettered section on the Glossary. This affords substantial visibility due to multiple ads being displayed with each page view.


When planning your ad, we recommend designing it to have some sort of background. Except for the footer, placement will always be on a white background.

Consider a color, texture, image, etc. that will cover the entire ad background. Not only will it work just fine in the dark “charcoal” footer, it will POP OUT on the white backgrounds.

Ad Specifications

Different ad sizes are used in various locations. Please use the following specifications for the best results. Graphics files not meeting these specifications will not be accepted, as stretching or cropping an image will reduce the quality and advertising effectiveness.

Files should be in either .PNG or .JPG/.JPEG format and in medium to high resolution. (200 to 300 dpi is best.)

The best strategy is to use a recognizable image about your product or service, very few words in large font, and some sort of Call to Action. Effective CTAs might be something like:

  • Learn More!
  • Get More Info!
  • Click to See More!
  • … or whatever makes sense for your situation.

Once your listing is approved and published, email your graphics file(s) to: They will be placed in the appropriate rotation.

Header and Glossary Page

The required size for the Header ad is 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall.

Dementia Map Featured Resource Ad Header

Sidebar and Footer

The required size for both the Sidebar ad and Footer ad 450 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall.


Dementia Map Featured Resource Ad Sidebar


Dementia Map Featured Resource Ad Footer


Easy Submit via Email

Once you have your ad graphic(s) ready to be included, just send them via email to Ads are usually published within 48 hours. Here’s how your email might look with the files you’ll be sending:

Dementia Map Ad Submission Example

In most cases, we’ll simply link the ads to your home page. If you prefer a different page on your site, be sure to indicate where you want the click to take visitors.

Once we receive your materials, we’ll do the magic at this end, adding formatting, links, video embeds, etc. Once published, you’ll have a chance to tweak things a bit if you wish.

Additional Information

Graphics design may not be your core area of expertise or you simply may not have the time. Not to worry! Dementia Map’s parent company, Alzheimer’s Speaks LLC will create the ad images for you. We charge a flat $75 per image and you keep the files to use any way you wish.

For more information, or if you have questions about submitting your Featured Resource ad graphic, just let us know.

Thank you.


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