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Senior Move Managers Minimize Transition Angst

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Senior Move Managers™ (SMM) are part of the National Association of Specialty and Senior Move Managers. These organizations provide the necessary support to help older adults and seniors get their homes organized in a safe and inviting manner. They also help with all aspects of a move.

Full Range of Support

SMMs vary greatly in size and services. The services offered may include support, sorting, organizing, decluttering, full move management (hiring and management of moving companies), packing, and setup of the new home as well as the closing of the previous home.

Some companies also include staging and estate liquidations. Regardless of the company’s offerings, their goal should be making your move as seamless and uneventful as possible, therefore minimizing your stress.

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Flexible to Your Needs

Clearly every moving situation is different. Some people do not mind change and a move can be relatively easy for them. Others find change difficult and cannot get beyond their emotions to make progress on their move.

Either way, an experienced SMM is available to anyone needing help with the planning, preparing, and the completion of a physical move.

Dementia: Especially Helpful

When a person living with dementia (PLWD) needs to transition to a memory care facility, a SMM can help with the whole process. They will provide a free onsite consultation, review the home and the area the PLWD actively lives in, also known as the “nesting area.”

The nesting area is typically a chair in front of a television with their most personal possessions surrounding them. Whatever they normally see in this area will be transferred to their new home so that they can adapt more readily.

The SMM will provide an estimate for the costs to pack, the mover (third-party and typically not part of the SMM) and set up of the new apartment. Typically, this can be done in one day as this is an apartment setting. Once a Contract is signed by the Power of Attorney or Guardian and a deposit received, the move is scheduled.

Move Day

The team will arrive in the morning to pack up the most important items that are not furniture. The personal effects are packed by room including their nesting area, bedding, photos, bathroom items, and any other important items to make them feel comfortable.

The movers will be received by the SMM, and they will direct the movers as to what furniture and boxes need to be moved.

Nothing of extraordinary value should be taken to the new apartment. The memory care facility cannot guarantee others living there won’t take these items thinking that they are their own. If there is something of value or breakable that needs to be moved, consider installing a shelf high up by the ceiling that isn’t easily accessible. That way your loved one can enjoy these special items without the chance of damage or accidental theft.

Destination Assistance

The SMM will meet the mover at the new apartment, direct them with furniture placement, and then open the boxes and put all items away in an organized fashion. Once the apartment is set up completely, the packing materials are removed, and the home is ready for your loved one.

Post-Move Activities

Once your loved one is safely moved into their new home, consider an estate liquidation to help offset the costs of a full-home cleanout. Some SMMs provide estate liquidations and others will provide referrals for professional estate liquidation companies.

If the home is full and there are items in the home to attract buyers, an estate liquidation company will provide an onsite estate sale. After the live sale they will be able to call in last buyers, manage a charity to pick up the leftover items, and manage a waste hauler.

If you do not have enough for a live sale, the SMM can provide a clean out of the home.

Your Mileage May Vary

Yes, some moves don’t go perfectly as planned. Make sure your expectations don’t exceed reality. As they say, “stuff happens.” Delays, broken items, weather, broken down trucks, etc. can impact your move. However, moving is much easier when you hire a Senior Move Manager.

If you would like more information on Senior and Specialty Move Managers™ visit the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers at


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President and Founder
Paxem, Inc.

Paxem is an A+ Accredited Senior Move Manager and ASEL Accredited (American Society of Estate Liquidators) and award-winning organization.

They help make moving and re-sizing much easier than doing it yourself or just using a mover.

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