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Tips on How to Prevent and Manage Dementia Wandering

Wandering One of Caregivers Biggest Fears. Wandering can occur in those living with dementia. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and manage wandering to keep your loved one safe.
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ToiletTalk on Dementia Map

Dignity and Independence: How Grab Bars Empower People with Dementia

Learn about Grab Bars. What they are, why they are important for a person living with dementia, and how to select and place them properly.
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TMZO Seni Dementia Map

Considerations for Additional Care Needs: What Questions Do I Ask?

There are many questions to ask on the caregiving journey. Suzi Fox of TZMO USA Inc. – Seni provides a valuable list to help get you started.
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Walking with Fay Carolyn Birrell Dementia Map

Learning to Love Intentionally When Your Loved One is Hardest to Love

Read why Carolyn Birrell, author of Walking with Fay, believes all dementia caregivers already pretty much know each other.
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Elderwerks on Dementia Map

Moving a Person Living with Dementia

Moving and change can be overwhelming, especially for a person living with dementia. Here's some helpful tips for a successful move.
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Factors to Consider When Evaluating Medigap Coverage for Dementia Care

Healthcare coverage for dementia care is complex. Medigap insurance may be your best ally, but knowing how to choose wisely is key.
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Caregiver Chats Home Instead Dementia Map

Caregiver Chats Podcast

Here's a wonderful podcast called "Caregiver Chats" hosted by Home Instead’s gerontologist and caregiving advocate, Dr. Lakelyn Eichenberger.
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Multi Gen Homes Dementia Map

The Benefits of Living in Multigenerational Homes

Learn about multi-generational homes and why taking care of a loved one living with dementia while living in one is a great idea!
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Artifcts on Dementia Map

Decluttering with Dementia: Let’s Talk Paper Clutter!

Decluttering gets more complicated when it involves the belongings of someone who has dementia. Here's some great tips to get you started!
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