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What Is Respite Care and How to Find Local Services

The power, purpose, and benefits of respite care. You want peace and dignity for your loved one, but occasional short-term breaks are welcomed. Learn about Respite Care and how to find it.
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Memory Keepers on Dementia Map

Promote Better Cognition and Independence

Learn more about supporting individuals with dementia and how you can promote better cognition and independence.
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Resense Register Dementia Map

Resense Register: A Dementia Friendly Newspaper 

Learn about the Resense Register, a research-backed newspaper specifically designed for the dementia community.
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Dabblesack on Dementia Map Global Resource Directory

Dementia Challenges, Strategies, and an Introduction to Dabblets (Videos)

Two Occupational Therapists created fabric fidget soothers called "Dabblets" to help address some of the challenges that can come with dementia.
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The Dementia Fast Scale (Functional Assessment Staging Tool)

Learn more about the FAST Scale, a 7-stage, 16-item system of tracking the progression of a person living with dementia.
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What is Residential Assisted Living? 

Residential Assisted Living is a form of long-term care that provides seniors with the necessary support and services to live a comfortable and dignified life. It's an alternative to traditional nursing homes, offering a more home-like atmosphere and personalized attention.
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Dr Anne Kenny on Dementia Map

The Most Common Questions I Am Asked  

Is it possible to avoid getting dementia? Anne Kenny, MD of Together in Dementia shares how lifestyle changes can help to reduce the chance.
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Artifcts on Dementia Map

“Stuff” Should Do More than Take Up Space

Learn about Artifcts, an exciting online service that helps you tell the stories behind your "Stuff" after capturing the items digitally.
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TZMO USA Inc. - Seni

Celebration of Love

Valentine's Day can be a lonely time for single people and a chaotic holiday for others. Maybe we should rethink this “Celebration of Love.”
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