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Home Instead on Dementia Map

Why Getting a Dementia Diagnosis is Important: Caregiver Chats (Video)

Many challenges exist along the caregiving journey. This Caregiver Chat with gerontologist Dr. Lakelyn Eichenberger and Lori La Bey can help.
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Dementia and Cognitive Decline

Learn about cognitive decline. Loss of brain functioning are prevalent worldwide. Here's a guide to understanding it and ways you can cope at the onset of cognitive decline.
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Bill Cohen - Cohen Caregiving Support on Dementia Map

Sometimes Your Family Needs a Neutral Third Party

If your family struggles to agree about a family member’s care or if they question your caregiving decisions, Elder Mediation may be for you.
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Stories Love Music on Dementia Map

Arts Engagement and The Caregiver

Learn about connecting Arts Engagement and Caring for the Caregiver as a way to improve dementia care.
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it takes a village

“It Takes A Village” Surrounded by Ripple Effects (Video)

Learn about a special "human connection" experience that suggests a tweak to the current saying, renaming it, “It takes a village, surrounded by ripple effects.”
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Spark Financials Dementia Map

Evaluating Your Options: How to Find the Best Financial Planner

Picking the right financial planner that understands your needs is vital. Here’s how to find the right financial planner for you.
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Dementia-Related Behaviors

Memory loss isn’t the only way people living with dementia are affected. A change of behavior can be expected, too. Read more to better understand to make life better for your loved one.
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Dr Anne Kenny on Dementia Map

Assisted Living to Support Cognitive Loss and Dementia

Learn more about selecting an Assisted Living community and where it would be appropriate for someone with cognitive loss.
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TZMO USA Inc. - Seni on Dementia Map

Hopeful Holidays 

The season of celebration is upon us! Ideally this is when we pause long enough to be grateful, embrace those we love, include the outsiders, and remember that we all long to belong.
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