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Bridgetown Music Therapy on Dementia Map

7 Ways to Use Music at Home with Your Aging Loved One

Music can be a wonderful daily activity for you and your loved one. To get started, here's some great tips from a Licensed Music Therapist.
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Meaningful Memory Maker on Dementia Map

Using Multi-Media to Facilitate Reminiscence

A rehabilitation professional with over 30 years of experience offers easy-to-use reminiscing products to help people strengthen their skills.
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SENI on Dementia Map

Extend the Right of Way

Changing Lanes: An ode to children taking care of parents with Alzheimer’s Disease. Wonderfully helpful perspectives from SENI.
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ToiletTalk on Dementia Map

How to Help a Person with Dementia Use a Bidet

Learn about bidets to help improve toileting for your loved one living with dementia. Maria Lindbergh of Toilet Talk provides some common sense advice.
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Senior Move Managers Minimize Transition Angst

Moving can be difficult, but Senior Move Managers can help create a comfortable move for a person living with dementia and their family.
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Insight Formation Dementia Map

Music: A Secret Sauce for Dementia Care

The journey of supporting individuals living with dementia and their caregivers is best traveled with compassion, dedication, and innovation to find new ways to enhance joy and connection. Music is a powerful tool in that pursuit. Learn more about seminars that can help.
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Always Home Connected Dementia Map

Communication Strategies for Interacting with Individuals with Dementia

Caring for people with dementia can be a challenge, in more ways than one. One of the hardest aspects many carers and family members find is trying to communicate with their patient or loved one.
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Memory Cafe Directory

How to Become Certified as an Activities Director

Whether it is for a Memory Cafe or in a care community, appropriate and enriching activities are very, very important. An Activities Director makes that happen.
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5 Foods For Improved Gut Health: Dementia Impacts

The Food We Eat Matters To Our Brain Health. Studies have shown aggravated intestinal membrane and bodily inflammation can increase brain swelling and memory loss.
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