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The Dementia Map system automatically generates a very secure password when you register. We know a very cryptic, hard to remember password is not convenient for you and we apologize. However, we take privacy and data security seriously, so we want to protect your account as diligently as we can.

There are times where personnel changes, or simply long periods of time pass and generating a new password becomes necessary. Since we don’t see your passwords (remember, the system generates those) we can’t change them for you. This is a quick guide to helping you request a new one.

Start at the Beginning

Sample Welcome Email

When you join Dementia Map, the system sends you an automated email, welcoming you. A sample email is shown here.

The welcome email shows the email address used to create the account, along with a long, very secure password that was generated for you.

Requesting a New Password

As mentioned above, you may need to request a new password from time to time. No problem! That is a simple, automated process you can do at any time.

Here’s how it works:

Member Sign-in Screen

First, visit the Dementia Map Member Sign In page. You can use this link, or access it from the “Member Area” tag on the main menu bar.

Notice the “Request Password” selection at the bottom.

When you click that button, the screen will change to a new format, allowing you to enter your email address.


For the system to validate the rightful owner of the account, you must enter the email address used to create the account. See the welcome email example above. That confirms the email address you used.

Request New Password Option

Enter the email address that is in your profile, and the system will email you a new password immediately.

That’s It!

Any time you misplace your password, feel free to request a new one. The system will generate if for it in a flash.

Should you have any questions about your Dementia Map account, please reach out via our Dementia Map Contact Form. We want to help you get the most out of your Dementia Map membership.

Thank you!

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