Recognizing and Celebrating Healthy, Vibrant Elders

Meditative Movements Dementia MapSubmitted by Ellie Peterson
Inspirer, Creator of Meditative Movements

What a joy to present at “Easy Self Care for Continuum of Care Staff and Caregivers,” a 1.5-hour workshop at the Florida Health Care Activity Coordinators Association in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, July 24, 2022.

Featured Feathers

Samantha (l); Ellie (r)

My favorite part of speaking is meeting all the awesome attendees and event coordinators who dedicate their time and energy to making an event such a success. All event coordinators had the peacock feathers in their hair or pinned to their clothing as a way to acknowledge their efforts.

This group knows how to have fun! Samantha dressed up in the peacock outfit and brought a smile to attendee’s faces.

Chris Gerard was fantastic. She answered my questions, approved my proposal, and scheduled my time slot with precision. When I arrived, I was able to set up with ease and start on time.

Keeping Young with Yoga

Ellie (l); Chris (r)

During the interactive portion of the presentation, I met Gina. She has been practicing yoga for 30 years so knows about the benefits of mind/body movement programs. While there, she honored her 76-birthday by wearing this awesome hat and her outfit matches the FHCACA branding. She also served as their president years ago.

She has so much vitality, passion, and energy, I was inspired and hopeful about healthy aging!

She has so much vitality, passion, and energy, I was inspired and hopeful about healthy aging!


Not only did Gina share birthday information, Kathleen, an Activities Director in northern Florida, also informed me about two of her residents who just had birthdays. One celebrated her 101 and the other 109 years young.

What was so impressive was that she told me how excited they still were and full of life. Their mental capabilities are intact, and they had much enthusiasm for having family and fellow residents join her for the celebrations.


May we all find careers that spark our inner passions so we can give meaningful value to those we serve.

Meditative Movements Dementia MapEllie Peterson
Inspirer, Creator of Meditative Movements

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