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Welcome to Dementia Map!

Thank you for joining our rapidly growing community. Regardless of the Dementia Map plan you’ve chosen or the product or service you provide to the dementia community, you are contributing to a rich resource environment that is helping many families around the world.

Your Dementia Map membership is very important to us. Please allow us to help you get the maximum benefits possible. We have a set of recommendations that will help you expand your exposure so you can bring your offering to as many people as possible.

Please use this guide to help you work through all the opportunities you have available to you!

For All Members

There are certain details that should be addressed to maximize the benefit of your membership. They are:

Member Sign In

You can come back to fill out your profile after you’ve set up your account. Just visit the Member Sign In page. Enter the email address you used to create your account, along with the password the system sent to you at that time.

If you misplaced the password sent to you, no problem! You can request a new password any time you need it. Here’s information about how to request a new password.

You are encouraged to actively update your profile any time information about your offering changes. This gives you the ability to share your story and what you can do for the Dementia Map community.

Account Setup

When setting up a new account, you of course add company and contact names. Adding an address though, is optional. Many professionals work from home and sometimes sharing a street address isn’t advisable.

However, we do recommend adding your city, state, and country. This gives you an extra search point if geography is important in delivering your services and it provides a blue dot on the directory maps.

If you have a website or other link to which you would like to send profile visitors, please be sure to add it. We want to help you get contacted in every possible situation. If you don’t yet have a website and are interested in creating one, Dementia Map’s parent company, JADCOM Media LLC creates websites for small and medium sized businesses.

Resource Listing Summary

This is the area when you create your resource “card.” These are similar to business cards as they are displayed as a result of a search. You want to be well represented to attract the attention of the Dementia Map visitor who might be looking for what you offer.

  • Logo/Icon.  You’re able to upload your company logo, a picture of yourself, or any other appropriately representative image to identify your product or service.
  • Tag Line / Description.  Here, you get up to 80 characters to introduce yourself and further clarify what you offer. Carefully craft this brief message to make a connection with the visitor, and help them know that clicking through to your detailed profile is right for them!

Detailed Profile Description

This is the heart of your listing. Your detailed profile allows you to fully share your story with the Dementia Map visitor community. Although there may be some theoretical limit to the amount of information you can share, you have virtually a clean slate!

Take full advantage of the editor’s formatting capabilities. Similar to publishing a blog post or writing a document, you can:

  • Bold, Italicize, Underscore
  • Align text left, center, and right
  • Insert bulleted and numbered lists
  • Increase and decrease indent spacing
  • There’s even a “clear formatting” button to start over

Once you’ve shared an appropriate image, written an effective slogan or teaser text, you want your detailed profile to entice the visitor to take the next step and get in touch with you!

For Starter Plan Members

  • Dementia Map Blog.  Take advantage of being able to position yourself as an SME. Subject Matter Experts are valuable resources, helping families know they can trust your judgement. As a Starter Plan Member, you can submit a blog post annually. Consider using it as a kick off to the new year, a wrap up of the current year, or any part of the year that makes sense for your brand.

For Pro Plan Members

By choosing to be a Pro Plan Member, you’ve opened a number of extra benefits. Primarily, those benefits come in the form of many ways to expand your visibility.

  • Additional Categories.  Pro Plan Members are allowed five categories in which to be represented. Be sure to select the full five allowed, but be very strategic. Think about the different ways your product or service could be classified. This will help you be found in a greater number of search results.
  •  Advertising Banner.  As a Pro Plan Member, you are able to display and advertising banner in the right sidebar. There are three locations where ads are displayed: near the top, in the middle, then at the bottom. These ads are identified as “Featured Resources” throughout the site. Learn more about the advertising specifications.
  • Social Media Daily Shout Outs.  Your sidebar ad image will be added to our social media library. From that library, we send a daily “Shout Out” on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, highlighting a member and the value you offer.
  • Links to Your Own Social Media.  Displaying your social media channels helps visitors learn more about you and makes it easy for them to engage with your content. Be sure to enter all social media profiles you have.
  • Photo Gallery.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right? This is your chance to share many, many words with some carefully selected images. Again, there might be some technical limit to how many you can share, but we haven’t experienced it yet. Share images of your products or services, but please be mindful of privacy and copyright issues.
  • Promote Upcoming Events.  The Dementia Map Events Calendar is proving to be a very valuable discovery tool. Whether it’s online or in person, events are another way to share the work you’re doing. Consider anything from product demonstrations, to training, to AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to help market your brand.
  • Dementia Map Blog.  Take advantage of being able to position yourself as an SME. Subject Matter Experts are valuable resources, helping families know they can trust your judgement. As a Pro Plan Member, you can submit a blog post quarterly. Consider using it as a kick off to the new year, a wrap up of the current year, or any part of the year that makes sense for your brand.

For Featured Plan Members

As a Featured Plan Member, you receive all the benefits described above for the Pro Plan Members. However, you have additional benefits that are provided to Featured Plan Members only.

  • Additional Categories.  Similar to Pro Plan Members allowed 5 category designations, Featured Plan Members get a full 15 categories from which to choose. This expanded “definitions” of how you characterize your offering allows even greater visibility.
  •  Expanded Advertising Opportunities.  In addition to the sidebar ad placement as described in the Pro Plan area above, Featured Plan Members have substantially more ad visibility. This includes the Header and the Footer (appears on every page of the site), plus at the end of each lettered section of the Dementia Map Glossary. Learn more about the advertising specifications including the additional image size allowed.
  • Dementia Map Blog.  Just like Pro Plan Members, Featured Plan Members can position yourselves as Subject Matter Experts by writing for the Dementia Map Blog. However, you’re able to submit articles every month. This allows you to raise your visibility on a regular basis, potentially corresponding to your natural business seasons.
  • Coupons and Special Promotions.  Reserved exclusively for Featured Plan Members, you are able to create a special offer for your Dementia Map visitors. This can be a downloadable and printable coupon or other special offer. You’re able to change it up at any time, so be sure to maximize this benefit.

Committed to Your Success

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits that go along with being a member of the Dementia Map community. We passionate about helping to connect the dementia caregiving community to valuable products and services. The best way to do that is to help you be as successful as you can be, using the tools offered by Dementia Map.

If we’ve missed anything, or you simply have questions, get in touch!

Thank you.

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