The Alzheimer’s Research Project (January 2022)

Patty Carlsons Alzheimers Research Project on Dementia MapThe Alzheimer’s Research Project
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Happy New Year!

This year we are so excited to be expanding our program’s reach to the International Alzheimer’s Dementia Community!

In this way, the simplicity of Patty Carlson’s US Patented Piano Program, previously successful in REVERSING THE SYMPTOMS OF ADVANCED ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, can be used by families and care facilities anywhere in the world!

In the following video, certified cognitive rehab specialist and brain injury specialist, Donna Descateaux, graciously speaks of her astonishment of the results she witnessed as Patty Carlson tested this program.

Alzheimer’s disease has ravaged our international communities for too long!

In our early testing, this program successfully reversed the symptoms of Advanced Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and long term stroke disability.

We are offering this program for free to the Alzheimer’s Dementia Community. The following link provides you immediate access to begin testing this remarkable program.

Alzheimer’s Research Project Program

Visit our many websites to learn more about this amazing program and the many ways the program has helped others.

Keep in touch, ask questions, or just say hi. We love to hear from you!


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Patty Carlson

Patty Carlson
Alzheimer’s Research Project

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