Hopeful Holidays 

TZMO USA Inc. - Seni on Dementia MapSubmitted by Suzi Fox
Regional Sales Manager
TZMO USA Inc. – Seni

The season of celebration is upon us! Ideally this is when we pause long enough to be grateful, embrace those we love, include the outsiders, and remember that we all long to belong.

My grandfather excelled at reaching out to those on the fringe with nowhere to go for the holidays. In fact, he would seek them out at the train and bus stations of Chicago on those frozen windy mornings.

Back in those days the men who gathered in public doorways seeking relief from the chill were our soldiers. They had landed in Chicago between deployments and even though they may have had families, they did not have anyone they knew in the Chicagoland area, that is, until they met Grandpa Joe.

Enter as Strangers; Leave as Family

He would seek out the ones that looked hungry, lonely, and cold. He invited them to his home to enjoy the holiday over a hot meal with our family. There were always extra chairs at the table, and he made sure those seats were filled. They may have been strangers when they walked through the door, but they were family when they left.

My grandparents continued to receive thank you notes for decades from those serving in the military and their families! Even the parents of those soldiers would write how grateful they were that their sons had been given a hot meal when they were so far from home.

America today looks very different from America long ago. Sadly, it may be the older adults who are hovered in a doorway looking hungry, lonely, and cold. Their friends may have left planet earth and their families may be thousands of miles away, but the longing to belong is still there.

The Challenges are Many

Distance isn’t always the enemy that separates people, sometimes incontinence is the culprit. Whether we are the caregiver, close friend, or loving family member, we can play an important role in guiding those with incontinence challenges.

This issue should never be the deciding factor as to whether someone will be on the guest list for a family gathering! Empowerment comes when we have the knowledge of solutions that are available.

Guiding people to the right style of product, with the correct absorbency level, in the proper size is critical!

TZMO USA Inc. - Seni on Dementia MapNot all adult pull-ups or briefs are created equal. The first step to offer aid to someone with this challenge is to determine proper sizing by measuring their waist and hips. This will ensure a better fit and help to avoid using a size too large that may contribute to embarrassing accidents.

Premium adult incontinence products with inner leak guards are a key feature that helps to prevent soiled sheets and clothing. This saves time and money for those doing the laundry, using multiple washcloths, and adding potential strain on caregivers!

Premium Means Quality

A premium product doesn’t necessarily mean it’s expensive. It means it is a higher quality product with features such as full breathability, super absorbency, inner leak guards, and soft materials for comfort.

These features reduce the risk of negative clinical outcomes and overall savings is often achieved when using high quality products.

High quality products allow incontinent loved ones, residents, clients, and patients to stay fresh and dry with the ability to sleep uninterrupted through the night.  Lesser quality products may require more product changes, which often lead to people being awakened every two to three hours which results in poor sleep patterns.

Incontinence affects all areas of the individual’s well-being. When someone can sleep through the night, they wake up refreshed, happy and well-rested. They usually want to engage with others in social settings.

This is critical for the families of these older adults!

Seniors want to be included in holiday festivities too. Incontinence should not be the determining factor as to whether the aging parent would be invited to meals, holiday parties, or opportunities to see their grandchildren. The fear of embarrassing accidents can be eliminated when we plan ahead.

TZMO USA Inc. - Seni on Dementia Map

Three Steps To Consider:

Step 1: Look for Overall Value

Use a premium brand of adult incontinence products and consider overall value versus just unit price. When a newborn comes into the family, we wouldn’t dream of using anything but a high performing product to ensure our babies are comfortable and their skin integrity is maintained.  Older incontinent adults deserve the same respect, comfort, and care.

Step 2: Keep Some in Reserve

If you are responsible for buying these products for residents or patients, make sure to have a few extra incontinence products on hand to avoid any unnecessary hiccups with shipping and/or delivery of products.

Step 3: Build Confidence with Free Samples

Ensure your loved one has the confidence to participate in family gatherings during the holidays by better understanding high quality incontinence products. Many manufacturers offer free product samples for people to try before they buy.

TZMO USA Inc. - Seni on Dementia Map

Confidence will help incontinent loved ones engage socially and enjoy family gatherings.  Your care, compassion, and concern for your loved one will contribute to create new holiday memories.

Help Others Participate

Just as Grandpa Joe saw the loneliness in the eyes of the soldiers, I think if we look around us, we too may see others on the fringe, hoping for an invitation to participate in life.

When we recognize that incontinence may be the culprit causing a loved one to be fearful, we should realize that we have an opportunity to help them.

If they have become afraid to participate in activities or have become socially isolated, we can eliminate that fear and make a positive change because of the high performing products available on the US market today.

No one wants to be left out of the fun, we all long to belong. Perhaps it is our responsibility to offer those solutions so everyone has a chance to feel hopeful for the holidays.

TZMO USA Inc. - Seni on Dementia MapSuzi Fox
TZMO USA Inc. – Seni

Suzi Fox is a Regional Sales Manager for Seni. She and Seni help people to live healthier, happier lifestyles with less worry.

She believes dignity and confidence are two of the most important gifts we can give to others.

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